John Stamos

john stamos - He is just beautiful. LOVED him in Full House, still LOVE him.

damn, john stamos with a beard...that's pretty hot

damn, john stamos with a beard.that's pretty hot

*sigh*  So Dreamy!   John Stamos

49 Pictures Of John Stamos Through The Years

John Stamos.  I think he has a portrait in the attic.

JOHN STAMOS 2014 Wall Calendar

John Stamos -- brings back such great memories of watching Full House!

John Stamos.

John Stamos.


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Matthew McConaughey. Obviously because of his good looks! My 2 favorite movies of his is A Time to Kill & The Lincoln Lawyer! Great great acting! He seems to be a down to earth guy that loves his family! :)

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew Mcconaughey/ I had problems pinning this one. didn't know where to pin it. thing I really like. things I want. so I thought I would just leave it at PEOPLE I ADMIRE.