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Great gift for DAD ! A retracting extension cord reel is a great garage upgrade. Keep your extension cord plugged in and ready to go, yet stored neatly out of the way!

Spray Can Storage I’m a great fan of aerosol finishes, especially now that many of them have adjustable tips that make much less splatter. But my shop got so cluttered with half-used cans that I had trouble finding the color I wanted, so I built this simple storage rack for all the cans. Now I can instantly find just the color I’m looking for. The shelves need to be 5-in. …

Spray Can Storage

Spray Can Storage - The Woodworker's Shop - American Woodworker. I like the idea of using as a spice rack.

Redneck Plunger — It's a working toilet plunger paired with a simulated pump shotgun that delivers realistic shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger.

Redneck Plunger — It's a working toilet plunger paired with a simulated pump shotgun that delivers realistic shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger. I want this plunger!

Kane 40lb Big Bin Dispenser (Dog food, kitty litter.. Keep in garage. so neat!)

Jumbo Storage Dispenser is the clean, organized way to store and pour up to 40 lbs.- pet food, birdseed, etc. Simply pull the lever for a controlled release of contents into the 3 qt.

Store Your Extension Cords Without Tangling Them Up  - PopularMechanics.com

Store Your Cords Without Tangling Them Up

Long extension cords inevitably tie themselves up into a tangled mess. But this simple project uses an empty bucket and some PVC pipe to build a home for a long extension cord that keeps it wound up and tangle-free.

The perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day may be the gift of DIY organization. Here's a simple DIY project you and the kids can do together.

Label a Metal Toolbox With Chalkboard Spray Paint

A toolbox is easier to organize with labeled chalkboard drawers. Valspar's chalkboard spray paint was used on each drawer.

All of us have experienced the problem of the elusive glue-bottle cap. As we work on a project, the cap gets harder and harder to put back on the bottle, so we eventually leave it off. Then it immediately disappears. To solve this problem, I attached the cap to the bottle using a 6" length of string. —Ron Altier, West Lafayette, Ohio

Drill Bits Storage and Organization. Drill Bit Gauge and holes to show which goes with which size bit. Never miss a bit with holder-and-gauge combo. (I'm kind of embarrassed to have never thought of this.

1st Choice Garage outfitters - Motorcycle lift

Something like this to lift out of season yard equipment off the floor. Garage Storage Solutions - Mower / Bike Lift, Popular Mechanics -- use in both garages

Hinged wall-mounted boom for lighting & power supply - keeps power cords from being draped across work surface #DIY #garage #workshop

If your second home is your shop, make your time in it even more enjoyable with these handy shop tips. More general organization ideas.

How to Insulate Garage Doors - Sondra Lyn at Home.com

How to Insulate Garage Doors - and Why You Should!

In this post, you will learn not only HOW to insulate garage doors, but WHY as well! The process isn't difficult or expensive and highly recommended.