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Hands down the most difficult thing to teach young girls growing up.but the key to true ❤️and happiness.

Set fire to the world. "And yet the flames seemed to have imbedded in her eyes, a passion hidden behind the rage."

Set fire to the world.

Yes I'll always be Ashlyn Nicole Howard - Bellah I Will Always and forever Love you and I luvs you until the moment I layed eyes on U everytime we was together in the future and when I'm no longer part of this world I luvs you to enterity and back !

i want to apologize to all the women I have called beautiful before I’ve called them intelligent or brave. I am sorry I made it sound as though something as simple as what you’re born with is all you have to be proud of when you have broken mountains with your... ~ Rupi Kaur  <3 Visit our Facebook page for many more amazing quotes! https://www.facebook.com/LoveSexIntelligence

Resilient, Brave, Extraordinary, Intelligent Women

Shit that's beautiful.

A little death, when petals of her lips dance around your neck. A little faith, jasmine's purity mixed with rain.

She was like the summer. Barely anyone appreciates her when she’s here, but when she’s gone, all they do is miss her.

I really wouldve --- The face it says it's from a book the person will never write makes it sadder...

I realise now that you're just not worth it, you never cared and when you realise the love you've lost it'll be too late because you broke me and you won't be the one to put the broken pieces back together, it's not worth the risk

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