I want a chocolate-colored kitten SO bad!

british shorthair cinnamon and chocolate cat perfect playmates for Lilablu

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The very large and beautiful Maine Coon cat is one of the oldest known long-hair breeds in America.

** "Yaz, me from Hells Angels. Wut chapter? Revelations."

The British Shorthairs ~ are easily trained and adaptable. Very affectionate and become quite attached to the people they own.

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"Keep calm and shut up. I think they will not hurt YOU if YOU shut up.


Looks just like my Moo Bear. Cool Cat Names: Cool Cat Names for Cool Cat Owners - Page the the name "Kitty" or "Slick" is too common, here are some stand out cat names. ("Slick" was Jack Lemmon's cat in the Grumpy Old Men movies)