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"if you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission" - Eddie Colla

The work showed five grey pigeons holding up signs including one stating 'go back to Africa' towards a more colourful migratory swallow.

Council removes Banksy artwork after complaints of racism

Banksy wanted 'Clacton-on-Sea' to confront racism Banksy anti-immigration birds mural destroyed by Douglas Carswell (Ukip) - complaint “offensive and racist”. A painting that eloquently challenged views on immigration-opens diologue:

Banksy. NYC.

"What we do in life echoes in Eternity" -- Bansky is in NYC! Banksy Street Art in New York a Commentary on Success

€22 STREETART KALENDER BANKSY  2015 von STREET ♥ HEART - Finest streetart from berlin auf

€22 STREETART KALENDER BANKSY 2015 von STREET ♥ HEART - Finest streetart from berlin auf

Every rule is there for a reason and there is always an exception. Probably the only motto that is mine and came from me. Too much time working with the public, I guess.  :) That's what this makes me think of.  Hoping Cassie will paint this in the game room.

Platoon Berlin by URBAN ARTefakte.This artist interested me and I enjoy how ironic it is.

Heart, Truths, True Words


You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile life quotes quotes positive quotes quote art smile artistic life quote street art grafitti

Snap on Cuba Street: A taste of the soul of Wellington, New Zealand.

New Zealand North Island: Don't Sell It Short

L'entrée du Palais de La Petite Sirène. / Art nouveau. / Poignées de porte. /  Door handles. / Roxy Cinema.  /  Miramar, Wellington. / Nouvelle-zélande. / New Zealand.

Wouldn't they make awesome front door/entrance doorway handles? ~ Art nouveau door handles at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand by velma