Flying Houses by LAURENT CHEHERE

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Levi-Laundry by Rebekah W on 500px

☆ Levi-Laundry by Rebekah ☆ Nice work. The motion blur filter is done well and differently as to show exploding and falling. Would have bumped up the colors of the clothes on the floor to match the neon colors of those flying about.

Paris-based art director-turn-photographer Laurent Chéhère has created a series of whimsical photographs featuring buildings that appear to.

If I said, "Go jump off a cliff; would you do it?"

Thought about pinning this to my Romance board -- but the more I look at it, the more eerie it seems.

Laurent-Chehere Flying House

Laurent Chéhère

For his series titled "Flying Houses", Paris-based photographer Laurent Chehere created beautiful surreal images of buildings floating in mid-air. The series reflects Rafa's interest in architecture and serves as a metaphor for travel.

Sans concession - Photo : Laurent Chéhère

Des maisons volantes photographiées par Laurent Chéhère

Flying Houses by LAURENT CHEHERE

French photographer Laurent Chehere explores inspirational architecture of Paris in his “Flying Houses” series. The collection includes photos of various buildings, hotels, homes, trailers, and tents.