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I love naps.. @Shalee Thompson you need this

I LIKE NAPS Ladies TShirt by theboldbanana on Etsy I have been waiting for this my whole life!

Lol!!!!! I need a ton of these shirts in different colors to wear at the gym.... Cuz I say this to my husband ;) he pushes me to failure, cuz he says failure is good at the gym,, let's a person know your Working That Body ;) If NO pain,,, then there's NO gain!!!

--- your killing me Smalls . Off Shoulder Shirt, Hipster Shirt, Slouchy Shirt, Oversized T-shirt (women, teen girls)

I need this shirt.  Or maybe just get this tattooed on my forehead.   :/    I'm not late, I'm on Mommy Time.

Image of Sorry I'm Late - PL Classics Collection (women). I love this shirt even though the only thing I am actually late for consistently is work.

Breakfast of champions.

I need this shirt Signorelli 'I Eat Glitter' Graphic Muscle Tank (Juniors) available at

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"I will make better mistakes tomorrow" graphic tee. Hopefully wearing that shirt is not one of them.

hahaha! I love how when people ask me where I got some item of clothing they like, 75% of the time, my answer is Goodwill.

37 Signs You're Owning This Whole Being Broke Thing

I went thrifting before Mackelmore made it cool - I'm not a hipster - I'M POOR