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Just precious!!! Tiny Teacup Morkie Princess. She has the cutest little teddy bear face. Very short nose and body. Very short legs. Beautiful lush thick black and tan coat. She weighs 17 oz at 9 weeks. Price: $2,800.00

Teacup Morkie-Our Reesey Girl!

Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie)...the froo froo names kill me. It's a mutt, and that's OK. Totally cute though. :-)

A morkie! A maltese/yorkie mix!

This looks like my Macy girl

Isn't she the cutest ever! We want a shorkie puppy!

Morkie Puppie OMG THIS IS THE CUTES DOG EVER ( besides mine)

Morkie Puppie - O to the MG, this dog is too stinkin' cute! I'm dying for a little dog - DYING.

Teacup Morkie (Yorkie/maltese) - Adult size 3lbs

♥♥♥♥♥Teacup Morkie (Yorkie/maltese) - Adult size (Totally want this one, I'm in love) JB♥♥♥♥♥

Fun Facts About the Morkie. So untrue over half of these aren't correct. My Morkie absolutely loves children as young as two!

Fun Facts About the Morkie

If you've seen a Morkie dog, surely you've fallen in love. Click through for 13 adorable Morkies + 13 fun facts about this breed.

A morkie. A yorkie & maltese mix. Oh my gosh.

I am a pet-sitter so naturally I love pets. Martha Stewart has some wonderful pet photo contests. Sophie won the 2010 "Puppies" contest and I have to admit, she's A-DOR-AH-BLE! I'm now into fostering pets, so maybe someday I'll have a Sophie!

Morkie puppy (Maltese/Yorkie) ahhh so Cute

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Image result for yorkies for sale

Utilizing the "sit" command that he learned so quickly to get an adorable shot. Jenkins is one of our Morkie puppies that is just over eight weeks old. The first day we brought him home, he was alert, cuddly, and mellow.

Morkie-it's a cooper dog!

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- Maltese Yorkie cross I think!

Teacup Morkie - AHHHH SO CUTE!

OMG I just wanna pinch her cheeks!

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My Morkie will look a little bit like this one but with more black on his face - I have decided to name him Patchouli ♥

Cute Morkie

So my girlfriend wants a Morkie, and i was going to get her one kind of a surprise gift.she is obsessed with little Morkies cross between a Yorkie

My little baby

Happy Birthday to Kendal!

I want one!!  Morkie: Maltese Yorkie Mix. my little nugget looked just like this..now she's white!

California Morkie Wears Snuggie in Public Despite Haters Cairngorm McWomble the Terrible, a Maltese/Yorkie mix from San Francisco, was thrilled to receive a pink Snuggie from his grandmother.