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Rhysand and Feyre's children by JessDoodlesThings. ACOWAR Sarah J Maas fan art

jessdoodlesthings: “ Dad Rhys for father’s day ( I know it’s not for a couple of weeks but I was inspired).

“Azriel’s hazel eyes glowed golden in the shadows" by PhantomRin. ACOWAR Sarah J Maas

phantomrin: “Azriel’s hazel eyes glowed golden in the shadows.” (ACOWAR by Couldn’t miss this, nope.

Omg Rhys and feyre's baby omggggg *squeals* *extreme fangirling*

★ to the stars who listen ★

what a beautiful relationship dynamic rhys.what a beautiful man feyre.what a beautiful girl i just wanna die someone help me

A Court of Baes & Feels

Mor, Feyre and Amren by evalescoart- tumblr

Mor, Feyre and Amren

Why have I not pinned this yet??

I honestly don't understand people who prefer Tamlin over Rhysand>>> one of the truest things ever

The Illyrians showing off by raconteurwitch

raconteurwitch: “ The ladies are not having it. An amazing art trade between myself (the boyz) and who did such a cool job with the ladies. Please enjoy the Illyrian Ruffians showing off for.