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MCRRRRRRRRR YYYYYYAAAAAAASSSSS SASS QUEEN IN THE HOUSE (I know this isn't Gerard but I had to get it out)

Frank Iero and his amazing gloves>>>and his amazing eyes

Frank Iero………I have no idea what's going on in this but it's adorable.

i'm holding on and i hop you do the same ✧ frank iero (and his best pal) of my chemical romance

Frank is sick a little shit and I love him so don't you dare talk crap about him I'll fight you even though I'm shorter than Frank

"Say hi to the camera, Frank." "Hi to the camera, Frank.

i'm standing outside your figurative door ✧ frank iero of frnkiero andthe cellabration and of my chemical romance

how can he hate himself??????!/?/?!"?#?@)1)1917$$;#(@)1?1@()1)1!";'83(2

I love Frank Iero because i best friend looks just like him (female with shor hair) - Jessi

he is actually so perfect and smol i cant even

Frank Iero // Frank Iero And The Patience This photo gives me palpitations I swear