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Fotografías de comida explotando por Alan Sailer - Antidepresivo

Alan Sailer is a photographer living in California. He uses a high speed camera to capture all kinds of exploding food.

high speed photography...yup, thats basically how a day goes when it is slowed down too.

This picture represents action and motion. You can visualize exactly what is going to happen. I like the idea of two objects interacting for motion photography.

''Blast of Color''

Exploding Crayons (Don't click, leads to spam)

KA-BOOM: Awesome Explosion Photography

KA-BOOM: Awesome Explosion Photography

#Photography Project Captures People Falling, Tripping and Levitating” #art #inspiration

Photography Project Captures People Falling, Tripping and Levitating

I swear one of these days I'm just going to spontaneously combust. Just hope it's colorful like this :). Lol

This is a photo of a colorful explosion. Lately, the word explosion has applied to my life through explosions of emotion. Bursts of happiness, sadness, stress, and more. There has not been a dull moment.

The Jealous Curator » Blog Archive » i’m jealous of filippo minelli

Via the Jealous Curator, Filippo Minelli puts a novel twist on the concept of landscape painting.

Francoise Nielly - Explosive Colorful Portraits Paintings

Inspiration for new works. These are great pieces by Artist Francoise Nielly. Nielly works with oil paint and a knife to create these expressive portraits.

Check out "pomegranate explosion". #AdobeColor https://color.adobe.com/pomegranate-explosion-color-theme-7037606/

pomegranate explosion color theme by elishabrodsky

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