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Mmmmm, nothing like good ole Coca Cola in a glass bottle!!!

Never allowed to drink coke out of anything BUT a bottle growing up. My dad drove a truck for Chattanooga Glass Co. who supplied the coke bottles.

Gifs animados de Coca Cola, animaciones de Coca Cola

Can you imagine Coca-Cola without its bright red logo? With every sip of the refreshing drink, an image of the red loopy logo gets drilled in your neurons.

Coca-Cola is Coke

When Coca-Cola manufacturers tried to replace the "Classic Coke" consumers became upset. The positioning strategy uses a mixture of elements to create an influence on the consumers of its meaning.

coke is always best in a glass bottle. :)

Coco-Cola in a glass bottle. this and a bag of Sour Cream & Onion Chips was a favorite after school snack in Jr High and High School. it costed 25 cents at the local Geffre's Cafe (and later the Highway Cafe) so we didn't do it too often!

Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola Pillow the perfect gift to my friend that has been addicted to coke for years

drink coca cola

drink coca cola, I try not to drink to much since soda is bad for you , but every one in a while .


The Colorless Coke Can designed by Harc Lee."A convex logo substitutes colorfully.


Mexican Coke Switching To Corn Syrup From Cane Sugar; 4 Reasons Why This Shift Is Terrible : News : Latin Times