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Innervation of superficial muscles by the facial nerves- :)

1852 impression vintage de vertèbres, anatomie antique gravure, illustration du OS de la colonne vertébrale du Lithographie couleur originale, plaque d’ostéologie. Cette gravure sur lanatomie humaine antique de haute qualité a été publiée en 1852. SUJET : vertèbres PAPIER dimensions : Po 7,3 x 4,7 po (18,5 x 12 cm) AGE : 164 ans. CONDITION : Bon état. Plaque imprimée sur papier de la bonne couleur. Verso est vide. Pour la colonne vertébrale plus antique impressions s’il vous plaît, cliq...

1852 vintage print of vertebrae, antique anatomy engraving, original color lithograph vertebral column bones illustration, osteology plate.

Muscles of the Face (Facial Muscles)

Muscles of the Face (Facial Muscles) - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing, Anatomy Illustration

Facial nerve

Find out more about the medical management strategies of facial nerve palsy and Bell's palsy.


A fantastic fuck-ton of human neck references. People have been asking about adam’s apples and why they don’t show up in skeletal anatomy. The adam’s apple technically isn’t bone; it’s cartilage that protrudes to a certain degree. And, contrary to.

The Path of the Facial Nerve Through the Temporal Bone and the Muscles of Facial Expression and Innervation by Cranial Nerve VII (Facial Nerve)

The path of the Facial Nerve through the temporal bone and the muscles of facial expression and innervation by Cranial Nerve VII (Facial Nerve)

Cranial nerves 3-12 (Previous pinner found through Google search.)

The cranial nerves are the 12 paired sets of nerves that arise from the cerebrum or brainstem and leave the central nervous system through cranial foraminae rather than through the spine. Cerebrum The first and second cranial nerves derive fro.

"Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical," was written by the British anatomist and surgeon Henry Gray in 1858.    "It was the first time that somebody ever sat down and really comprehensively put together this kind of atlas of the human body," said medical student Lujia Zhang, who studies at UCLA and Charles Drew University. "Even right now, it’s far more detailed than most anatomy books."

The Classic, Beautiful and Controversial Books That Changed Science Forever

Gray's Anatomy - a tale of two doctors - The Body Sphere - Image: Illustration by Henry Vandyke Carter from ed of Gray's Anatomy (Wellcome Library)