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it's true, you traded in true honest unconditional love for lies, selfishness, greed and someone who left your heart broken. How did it feel?

Sad but true, even the people we love can make a choice and leave, just like that, without looking backL.S

I'd like to think and believe that you loved me enough to let me go, but I'm trying to be content just not knowing the answer to this question.

I was too serious for him so I just said what we were both thinking. So we were just friends.

I am a firm believer of giving myself honest, raw, slap myself in my face pep talks. Sometimes I've gotta get real with myself Sometimes, lol many times, I've gotta be my own hard kick in my ass.


If I hurt you my dear I am sorry. It takes a man to admit I was wrong and I was. I don't want you to ever think that I don't love you, no that will never be the problem. The problem always has been and always will be that I love you too much

His loss entirely. And HE has to live with it.

Always stay true to who you are no matter what. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart. The world needs all the love, kindness, and compassion you have to offer. Trust that your loyalty and devotion will be reciprocated one day by t

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I'm not sorry for wanting what I deserve and I'm not afraid to walk away to find it.

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oh what a feeling.

To be 7 years old have you give me my first kiss on the cheek, or to be 15 and have fate return you back into my life and give me my first real kiss.

my own personal hell

"She's losing sleep over someone who isn't concerned about losing her. That's hell. Her own personal hell." Can relate

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"when it's done, it's done. walk away. stop waiting for flowers to grow out of concrete. stop searching for something that'll never be there.

I never understood the tremendous sadness and pain that comes from heartbreak until you were willing to hurt me and give up our friendship.

I never really believed people when they told me how bad it was to have your heart broken until one day it was me so don't you ever say you never killed anyone cause that night you killed me