Polar Bear Handprint

Polar Bear Handprint

Bring friendly arctic animals into your home with these 16 polar bear crafts for kids! Which polar bear craft will your child try first?

K-1 Teaching Besties: Polar Animals Anchor Chart

We have been learning like CRAZY about different polar animals these past couple weeks. Here is an anchor chart we created after Reading th.

Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners: Polar Bear Fun! Step by step how-to

Arctic Animals - Lesson plan for polar bears. Includes writing activity, science (what keeps polar bears warm? BLUBBER), and of course the art component!

Read the Polar Bear, Polar Bear book and then do this craft, fast and easy. Foam shaving cream, glue,  blue construction paper, polar bear template wiggly eyes and pom poms for noses. Mix equal parts cream and glue for puffy paint. Glue template on paper, paint with puffy paint, decorate.

Puffy Paint Polar Bear: (foam shaving cream and glue). Kids will delight in the texture of this paint. Post also has lots of other bear themed activities perfect for winter.