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Haven't found source of this yet... Just pinned this image to remind me.

A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows. Simply beautiful and fasinating. This chandelier from Hilden & Diaz projects a shadow of trees and roots onto the walls surrounding it. It is called Forms in Nature.

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Rustic Carved Sculpted Iron Tree 6 Arm Candleholder

Liquid chandelier MARGO B

Brand van Egmond HOLLYWOOD GLASS ~A black glass chandelier in a modern gothic style.

The sense of adventure will never leave us no matter how old we may get. One of the best adventures kids can ever have is Halloween—which is also the perfect excuse for the grown-ups to act child-like once more, if only for one night. But the true charm of Halloween is that all the stuff that should be scary to us just isn’t that scary, but in the contrary, fun and cool. Here are DIYs for Halloween that might curb your decorative rush. Creepy Halloween Front Door Décor Getting creeped out is…

Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations For a Spooky Halloween

"Awesome Pumpkin Scare crow - use chicken wire and branches for body and drape black plastic bags for cloak. this is Burtons scarecrow at the MOMA from 'sleepy hollow'…"

Skeleton Chandelier

Skeleton Chandelier Halloween Dcor

This wall is pretty kooky - And done by who else? Tim Holtz!

PP said- You could easily make this with the dollar store hands, love the light.reminds me of bioshock. I say, what dollar store has hands? But I could definitely do this with doll arms.

skull by Mad-Bizarre

dream halloween party or crypt lighting , great gothic decor or shop display piece , the skeleton light chandelier

Idea pic - corpse your cat skeleton

Idea pic - corpse your cat skeleton - okay that would be too disturbing for me. But could sute do this with the animated chihuahua skeleton I saw in Big Lots last weekend!

37 Simple Craft Ideas for Halloween Decorations - Snappy Pixels

DIY Halloween bat "chandelier" - sewing frames, acrylic paint, craft foam, fishing line, electrical tape

Turquoise: Victorian Chandeliers from Moth Design

could make this with the black plastic chain. it would be cool to do this to so many different fixtures around the house. Must buy lots of this black plastic chains!