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sad that my boyfriend will never allow this in our home. ;)

I had this phone in the kitchen of our old house. I'm thinking it needs to live in Betsey's room so she can play with it (although it's a real working phone)

The Ultimate Peanut Butter and Jelly | Big Spoon Roasters | Emily G's | Bourbon & Boots

Peanut Pecan Butter: The quintessential Southern nut butter combines the rich, buttery sweetness of roasted pecans with peanuts slow-roasted to a deep amber. The hints of sea salt and honey round out (Peanut Butter Packaging)

Hanger Tea listed on a web page dedicated to unique product designs.

There are so many fascinating tea bag designs these days. Remember the bird origami ones? These bags are called Hanger Tea, a ridiculously cute creation by Soon Mo Kang. Don't you think they should be renamed, TEA Shirts? {Images via Yanko Design}

Designed by Sara Nicely from San Francisco, the Flour Pot Bakery Pot strives for a healthy diet with high quality, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly practices. The bakerys interior space is inviting and warm with natural lighting and eclectic funky displays advertising baked goods. This identity system was designed to convey the unique and handmade qualities of the bakery. The hand-drawn type was inspired by the wiry Christmas lights arranged throughout the dining area. I…

Totally digging this package design and hand lettering for Flour Pot Bakery (designed by Sara Nicely ).

pink coke, pink flower

Pink Coca Cola, yes please! perfect for a lady to drink her favorite drink in style