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Italian Modern Design Kitchens - One by Ernestomeda

Let your mind wander on the lines and Italian modern design of One kitchens by Ernestomeda.

ISOLA_EMETRICA_by Ernestomeda

Italian Modern Design Kitchens - Emetrica by Ernestomeda

cucine Carré: foto4

Italian Modern Design Kitchens - Carrè by Ernestomeda

Accessori cucine Ernestomeda www.magnicasa.it #cucine #design #soluzioni

Cucine One - Cucine Moderne di Design - Ernestomeda

Icon Kitchens - Modern Kitchens Design - Ernestomeda

Italian Modern Design Kitchens - Icon by Ernestomeda

black kitchens by the style files, via Flickr

I love this sleek kitchen in simple black and white. It's clean and uncluttered, but just interesting enough with the little display shelv.

Studiofour Alfred Street Residence - Habitus Living

Alfred Street Residence / studiofour Love the way the kitchen dining is this clean white box surrounded by the books.

Italian Modern Design Kitchens - Barrique by Ernestomeda

Italian Modern Design Kitchens - Barrique by Ernestomeda

Too ultra modern? I do love slick looking cabinets like this where the door handles are basically hidden or non existent. I think it would be great if things were magnetic push-click to open type


Elektra by Ernesto Meda design Pietro Arosio

Белая кухня white kitchen

Белая кухня: 6 преимуществ + 40 вдохновляющих фото

Tiny Small Compact white kitchen with floor to ceiling cupboards and black splashback. in Architecture & Interior design