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Great fox design around a great Foo Fighters quote. David Hale - "Breathe out so I can breathe you in"

little boat tattoo...with a couple waves (pinkie finger) *Greyson*

A nice drawing of a boat with is surrounded by "big" sea waves. This tattoo has a mesmerizing design made by the repetitive pattern of the waves.

David Hale - stylized fox tattoo

Artwork by famous David Hale, tattoo artist at Love Hawk Tattoo Studio in Athens, GA, USA. He describe his tattoo style : neo folk.

I like the quote, but I really love the design of this tattoo! | 69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos

This typography tattoo uses a quote from EE Cummings, It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly are

Kristina Bennett - Anatomical  Heart  with watercolor explosion

Off the Map Tattoo : Tattoos : Kristina Bennett : Anatomical Heart with watercolor explosion


Lovely, cute and COLORFUL bird tattoo. The bird itself is dressed up in some "high-end" outfits and looks like a small aristocrat of the animal family.

amazing dog watercolor tattoo on leg - bee, nut

Quality Another fox tattoo design idea. See Another fox tattoo cover up tattoo design idea for men and women from the source of quality tattoo designs.

Tattooing collected Bird half sleeve tattoo in Prodigious Tattoos. And Bird half sleeve tattoo is the best Half Sleeve Tattoos for 202 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about for girls.

Gorgeous! I'd want this on my ribcage!!!

[Floral - Birds - Feet tattoo - I love the colors in this tattoo - I also like the idea of feet tattoos - But I don't know what I want to get - Tattoo inspiration]


by … But imagine a naked female in the trunk. Head hanging back on the left, body over the top, legs on the right.


Rose arm tattoo Design Idea-- in case y'all can't tell, I have a thing for rose tattoos :P

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60 Awesome Music Tattoo Designs

Just like songs themselves, music tattoos for men can be extremely expressive and compelling.