by Federico Erra

Beautiful Monochromatic Portraits by Federico Erra I love the editing done on this photo. The blurred background and sepia tones really make you focus on the girl and make her eyes stand out.

Afghan girl National Geographic

Sharbat Gula better known as 'Afghan Girl', became famous when her photo (taken by journalist Steve McCurry) appeared on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. She has beautiful eyes.


Los ojos de la paz

Afghan refugee girl, laiba Hazrat, poses for a picture, while playing with other children in a slum on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. - TIME’s Best Pictures of the Week

Beautiful eyes, I wish my eyes were this pretty.

Beautiful eyes, I wish my eyes were this pretty.

Green eyes are my favorite. The most rare eye color-estimated only of the worlds population have green eyes. // My mother has green eyes, my father has green-blue, and I have green with light brown around the pupil. This makes me proud to have green eyes.

Beautiful shot of a little gypsy gal. ❀⊱╮ღ  Follow Chanel Monroe  for more

The board is called FACES. This is not only my favorite pin on that board, it may be my favorite of all 8000 of my pins. An amazing capture.Photo by Stefano Migliori

beautiful eyes #photography by terri

Such beautiful eyes hold such sadness.Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a…

i want to give this child a very big hug.  "Lee Jeffries is an accountant in Manchester, UK. He is also an incredibly skilled photographer with a keen eye for subjects. During his travels around the globe he has used reality to depict his own vision of the world."

These Striking Black and White Portraits Will Give You Goosebumps

Can ugly be beautiful? Lee Jeffries, an amateur photographer proved it with his uncompromising photography. Lee started in photographing homeless people in powerful black and white giving a drama to his portraits. (Words not by me). She is beautiful❤️

I love this style of really close up portraits with the eyes as the main focus of the picture

How I Shot It – “A Deep Gaze” by Lauri Laukkanen

A Deep Gaze by Lauri Laukkanen - Portraiture - Portrait - Close-up - Photography. Mirror of the Soul, intense eyes, portrait, photo

Φωτογραφίζοντας φυλή στον Αμαζόνιο: Η Βραζιλία που ζει μακριά από το Μουντιάλ - NEWS247

Green Eyed Boy from Brazil by David_Lazar. Taken in Sao Paulo, a boy with face paint poses among some leaves for a portrait to feature his bright green eyes