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MailChimp - Did You Mean MailChimp

See All 23 Grand Prix Winners From the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival

A shrimp sings about its dreams of delivering mail in "MailShrimp", a surreal short film by MailChimp. MailShrimp is the heartwarming story of a young mail

You need to know how the internet works and be bold to play with your product weakness to come up with such original campaign. It paid off. Just got one of the three 2017 Cannes Lions Cyber Grands Prix.



Time.. The time when there's just u, the sky, the sea & the ppl that mean the world to u

Isn't it time for a holiday? Watch this video - it'll remind you why we all need to life a lush life. I can help you make the most of your time! Get the best "return on life". (fantastic video from a UK supplier)

Adidas, Advertising

I teamed up once again with NY dynamic duo Agressive, to produce this soft and elegant mixture of live action and frame by frame animation. I essentially took care…

Beech Nut baby food [credit Rocketpanda / Agressive] soft, gentle, features graphics and hand drawn animation

Lego Calendar. The Lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner that we invented for our studio. It’s made entirely of Lego, but if you take...

The Most Productive Uses for Lego

The Lego calendar: a wall mounted time planner. It's made entirely of Lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone all of the events will be synchronised to an online, digital calendar.

Brand = User Experience: The Interface Of A Cheeseburger | Smashing Magazine

Brand = User Experience: The Interface Of A Cheeseburger

Brand = User Experience: The Interface Of A Cheeseburger | Smashing Magazine

Fujitsu #motiongraphics #ui

Project for Fujitsu I had the pleasure of leading with the Talented team at Glassworks Credits: Production Company: The Sweetshop Director: Ben Dawkins Producer:…

ADWEEK/ ARTICLE / " #Mini Is the New Supersized. Why brands like #Starbucks , #CocaCola and #Sonic are shrinking their food" #tendance #trend #packaging #resizing #less #sugar #fat #restriction #health

Mini Is the New Supersized

Food and beverage giants are shrinking their offerings. Consumers view sugar and fat to be the new tobacco, according to new research by Havas Worldwide, which found that in [.