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I was going through some of my old photo's and came across this lovely photo of Robbie demonstrating a Montessori Practical Life activity - pouring.

Materials needed for plant polishing.

The Dual Purpose of Montessori Preschool Practical Life Activities - LePort Montessori Schools

Montessori. Practical Life Activities: Sorting - Flower Arranging

10 DIY Montessori Inspired Activities For Your Toddler

I've noticed my own toddler boy naturally drawn to picking and gathering flowers into bundles on our nature walks, all of his own accord.

Spreading butter #30daystoMontessori

Set Up a Montessori Practical Life Invitation

Practical Life Invitation Components: engages fine motor skills a real, practical purpose inherent order isolate a skill must be inviting and engage child's attention


Introduction - Importance of Practical Life Activities

Montessori Practical Life - Pouring and the act of Observation

Pouring Practical Life Activity

One of the simplest practical life exercises for your preschooler is pouring. There are so many ways to accomplish this exercise. We always use a "work mat

Montessori Practical Life {Melon Balling} from Carrots Are Orange

Montessori Practical Life {Melon Balling}

How to Set Up a Montessori Homeschool Classroom (links to lots of resources for setting up a Montessori classroom at home)

Montessori Practical Life Activities

Montessori practical life overview and resources. Practical life activities help children develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence.

These practical life skills kitchen activities are part of the 12 Months of Montessori Learning series brought to you by ten amazing Montessori bloggers!

6 Practical Life Skills Kitchen Activities

itty bitty love: Montessori - Practical Life

As you probably already know, I LOVE practical life lessons. For one thing, there is a never-ending supply of practical skills that one .