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1940s Vintage Day Dress Sewing Pattern McCall 6477 Size 15 B33"

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1940s Sewing Pattern: McCall 6477
“Junior Two-Piece Dress”
Size 15: Bust 33"
A note about Size: I have narrow shoulders and a 34” bust and actually wear a size 14 in this brand and period.
This pattern from 1946 makes two jaunty day dresses with peplums and (optional) bows. The instructions and all the pieces are present, clean, and functional. The pattern has been used, however—somebody used pinking shears to cut out the pieces. The envelope is in good condition, as you can see from the photos.
Tips: I usually carefully iron out vintage patterns so that they are flat, then I trace them onto tracing paper. This way, one doesn't run the risk of ruining the old pattern by sticking pins into it and one can cut and adjust the pattern as one wishes.
Sizes: Sizes are relative, varying widely from brand to brand and decade to decade. I have not tested this pattern myself and cannot vouch for the accuracy of the given measurements. Remember that the measurements are the body measurements of a theoretical wearer and not the garment measurements. Buying vintage patterns is always something of a gamble when it comes to size (though they tend to be far more accurate than modern patterns!), and I do not accept returns for something resulting in a garment of the wrong size, unless I have miscopied the information from the pattern envelope. My recommendation is always to make a mock-up or, at the very least, to measure the pattern pieces, so that you know the actual garment measurements, before you embark upon a project.
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