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OK, we know that the phrase "good morning" can be a bit contradictory right about the time our alarms begin incessantly buzzing. However, morning is the foundation of your day, so it's a good idea to start off on the right foot from the get-go. The key to a great day is to approach it with a plan: know what you want to get out of it, and go for it with all you've got! If you practice some of these helpful habits, then good things are bound to come your way.

Up and at 'Em! 25 Good Morning Habits For a Great Day

The ugly truth of fast food!    O....M...G!!  Sorry but this one isn`t a "fun" fact - its scary and gross!!

10 Disgusting Facts About Fast Food

After reading this I don’t think you will want to eat at a fast “food” restaurant again, these incredible though true facts are enough to make me avoid these places for good. Here we give you 10 disgusting facts about fast food. (Why we clean eat)

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Become a morning person. Healthy living is a great New Year's Resolution Stay hydrated, make good food choices, and make sleep a priority for health and wellness!

Just How Dangerous Is Sitting All Day? [INFOGRAPHIC] f you need more convincing, check out these graphically organized stats from Medical Billing and Coding. We like it for the information it contains, but we love it for the Saul Bass, Vertigo-esque graphics.

Great shift towards computer-based work has done great things for productivity, it has, unfortunately, done terrible things for our health.

Healthy numbers to pay attention to! for great motivation health and fitness tip

From diet to sleep, weve rounded up a few numbers you should strive for. Recommended for the Refer posting

Here’s a handy checklist of the habits that healthy people have. How many do you already do? How many will you start doing? @eatrealstaysane

40 Things Healthy People Do Better Than You

These 7 Ways to Be More Beautiful are THE BEST! I've already started on some of them and I ALREADY feel confident! These steps have helped me SO MUCH. This is such an AMAZING post!  Definitely pinning for later!

7 Tips on How to be Beautiful

Sleep Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (Infographic) - mindbodygreen.

Making just a few changes to your space will practically guarantee you'll sleep better.:

6 Things Your Bedroom Needs for a Good Night's Sleep

13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them

13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them

Good reminders: 13 Stress-Inducing Habits and How to Avoid Them. 13 Things Stressed People Do.

7 weird tips to become a morning person

7 Weird Ways To Become A Morning Person

If you're not a morning person, then you've probably wondered a time or two about how to become a morning person. routine might look something like this: The alarm goes off, you blearily smack at the contents of your night stand…

www.amazon.com/shops/littlevendorathletics The meditation tip that changes everything for beginners

How to Meditate If You Have No Idea Where to Begin

Look no further, read about the best meditation tips for beginners. Meditation is key for grasping a peace of mind and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that meditation helps reduce stress levels and increase overall happiness.

Healthy living for women and moms. Grocery list, meal plans and workout ideas. Great resource, pin now, read later!

"Healthy living for women and moms. Grocery list, meal plans and workout ideas. Great resource, pin now, read later!" Pinner said

The best time to go to sleep might be earlier than you think... | Fit Bottomed Girls

The Best Time to Go to Bed

Publisher Fit Bottomed Girls - Improve you sleep and rest - You can achieve this by changing the time you go to bed.