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$80 BESTÅ Shelf unit IKEA 3 adjustable shelves. Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors.

IKEA - BESTÅ, Shelf unit, white, , The shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.Adjustable feet for stability on uneven floors.

IKEA - BESTÅ, Regal/Aufsatzregal, weiß, , Regale mit geringer Tiefe machen mehr aus einem Raum; Wände lassen sich effektiv nutzen und man kann eine Menge unterbringen, ohne viel Platz zu benötigen.Perfekt für DVDs, Taschenbücher und andere kleinere Gegenstände.Kann je nach Bedarf an der Wand befestigt oder auf den Boden gestellt werden.Höhenverstellbare Füße; stabiler Stand auch auf unebenen Böden.Versetzbare Böden für bedarfsangepasste Aufbewahrung.

BESTÅ Shelf unit/height extension unit - white - IKEA - behind L's Lego table?

IKEA - BORGSJÖ, Estantería, blanco, , Como la altura de las baldas es regulable, podrás adaptar el espacio a tus necesidades.Sistema empotrado para cables. Siempre a mano pero ocultos.

IKEA - BORGSJÖ, Shelf unit, white, Adjustable shelves, so you can customize your storage as needed. Built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords out of sight but close at hand.

Enjoy free shipping on all purchases over $75 and free in-store pickup on the White Solid Wood Folding Hutch at The Container Store. Instantly create a wealth of storage for textbooks, binders and computer and desk supplies with our portable desktop Solid Wood Folding Hutch. It fits easily right on top of most standard-issue desks. It's smartly designed for portability and ease, too. Simply flip down the shelves of the pre-assembled unit and you're good to go.

White Solid Wood Folding Hutch

IKEA - GALANT, Width: 31 1/2 " Depth: 17 3/4 " Height: 78 3/4 "

IKEA Find affordable home furnishings and furniture, all in one store. Shop quality home furniture, décor, furnishings, and accessories.

IKEA - METOD, Arm alto c/baldas, blanco, Häggeby blanco, 60x60x200 cm, , Como la balda es regulable, podrás adaptar el espacio a tus necesidades.Puedes montar la puerta para que se abra desde la derecha o la izquierda.La estructura es de construcción resistente: 18 mm de grosor.Las bisagras que encajan por presión se montan sin tornillos y permiten desmontar fácilmente la puerta para limpiarla.

METOD Armario alto cocina con baldas, blanco, Häggeby blanco

IKEA METOD High cabinet with shelves White/häggeby white cm You can customise spacing as you need, because the shelf is adjustable.

KALLAX / DRÖNA Open kast met 2 inzetten - wit - IKEA

IKEA - KALLAX/DRÖNA, Shelf unit with 2 inserts, white, -will live at the foot of your bed to separate your bedroom from the front room.

BORGSJÖ Open kast IKEA - as baby changing table - to be pimped

I want to add crown moulding to this collection of shelving for my sewing room! Would get me super organised :) BORGSJÖ Shelf unit IKEA

49€ BILLY Bibliothèque - plaqué bouleau - IKEA

BILLY Bibliothèque, plaqué bouleau

IKEA - BILLY, Bookcase, birch veneer , Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs.A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change.

BILLY Bookcase, birch veneer birch veneer 15 3/4x11x41 3/4


BILLY Bookcase IKEA Narrow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively by accommodating small items in a minimum of space.

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally to use it as a shelf or sideboard. When laid horizontally, they can be stacked for more room

LACK Coffee table - white - IKEA - Perfect new home for her castle with storage beneath.

LACK Coffee table IKEA Separate shelf for storing magazines, etc. keeps your things organised and the table top clear.