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Caramel syrup for gluing gingerbread houses. This recipe is used to make our Swedish Gingerbread House, Gingerbread Facade, and Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage.

Gingerbread Houses (recipe, pattern)...AND the secret to sticking the walls together. (Martha Stewart)

The secret to sticking a gingerbread house together! Swedish Gingerbread House Recipe, a caramel syrup serves as the "glue." To assemble: Dip one edge of front piece in caramel, and allow excess to drip off. Coat only the edge that will be joined.

Gingerbread Houses

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Gingerbread House Custom Holiday Cakes are a perfect way to help make the Holidays special. Whether you want a fresh, custom Gingerbread House or other custom

(mini wheats for roof..) Fairy Tail cottage made of gingerbread - a gingerbread house to be proud of! Complete with pictures, patterns and directions

Fairy Tale Gingerbread Thatched Roof Cottage Not your average Gingerbread House! This Gingerbread cottage is complete with a thatched roof and chimney!

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Gingerbread House Design Ideas

Duh, I never thought of that! Decorate gingerbread house sides before assembling!as long as it is mostly icing, I think candy weight would cause trouble.

This gingerbread house, created by Eduardo M. of Omaha, NE, stands four feet tall and is made with 40 pounds of gingerbread and 30 pounds of royal icing. |

Editors' Picks: 99 Amazingly Crafted Gingerbread Houses

2010 Gingerbread House Contest Grand Prize Winner: Victorian Christmas "This gingerbread house stands four feet tall. 40 pounds of gingerbread and 30 pounds of royal icing are used. I guess you could call it a labor of love." Eduardo M.