I've never heard of a Mermaid Parade,...but I'd love to go!

Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, NYC My neighbor & his daughter, Hillary in Spanish Harlem won the annual mermaid competition several times, years ago.


Alchemy: Melusine, the Siren - (sometimes, Melusina) was, according to legend, a beautiful woman with a disturbing tendency to transform into a serpent from the waist down while bathing.


1910 Vintage Young Women and Mermaids Frolicking in the Big Ocean Waves Illustration Print via Etsy.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Gerelateerde afbeelding

El Gato Gomez

El gato gomez painting retro 50s kitsch mermaid cat martini cocktail pinup girl

In I403 another mermaid was stranded on mud flats in the Netherlands. According to a 17th century historian, she was befriended by village women who "cleansed her of the seamosse, which did stick about her." She never learned to speak but lived for 15 years and was given a Christian burial in the local churchyard.

Seashell, Stork and Apple Tree has a new title & a publication date! The Mermaid's Sister will be published February .

I love the mermaid, take the glass out of her hand and it would be perfect! :D

We started to enhance the actual taste of rum with our unique blend of 16 ingredients - so we call it 'Meermaid Infused Rum'.

The Little Mermaid Poster by Tom Whalen from Mondo #Disney #LittleMermaid

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