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Tiger Symbolism & Meaning - My spirit animal was characterized as "feline" & then divided - tiger was the most, lion next, snow leopard, then leopard.  I find that very interesting since tigers have always been one of my favorite animals.

Tiger Symbolism & Meaning

Get in-depth Tiger Symbolism & Tiger Meanings! Tiger as a Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal. Plus, Tiger in Celtic & Native American Symbols & Tiger Dreams!

Adrian Von Ziegler Wolf Blood HD Wallpaper

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Romping in the snow~Photo by Lorenz Sommer

her-wolf: “ Timberwolf by lorenz sommer Canis lupus nubilus, Zoo Basel, Switzerland ”

Snow Leopard - print of Charles Frace'

I own this print by Charles Frace & it is beautiful! Huge too, cost a mint to have it framed but soo worth it!