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Picture of Gene Cernan walking on the moon

Watched The Last Man on the Moon. - Picture of Gene Cernan walking on the moon. He died January

apollo 15

An Apollo 15 astronaut walks next to tracks left by the Lunar Roving vehicle. Apollo 15 was the first Apollo mission that packed a 'moon buggy'

#OTD in 1972, geologist & Apollo 17 LM pilot Harrison Schmitt, performs a spacewalk:  pic.twitter.com/q3mFqWkFCc

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Astronaut Eugene A. Cernan, Apollo 17 commander, approaches the parked Lunar Roving Vehicle on the lunar surface during the flight’s third period of EVA 13 December 1972

How Apollo Worked | The science showing that flight to the moon was possible was worked out in the 17th century, but it took until the mid-20th century for engineering and technology to advance enough to make it happen.

How Apollo Worked Diagrams and NASA artwork show how Apollo astronauts flew to the moon.

Increíbles (y pésimas) fotos de la Luna que no verás en los libros

Increíbles (y pésimas) fotos de la Luna que no verás en los libros

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing: It's been more than 40 years since man walked on the moon. Learn some details for the crew, the flight and the landing phase of the Apollo 11 lunar expedition.

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

How the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Worked (Infographic) NASAs Apollo 11 mission landed the first astronauts on the moon on July See how it worked.

NASA Got Sick of all that Conspiracy Thing and Released over 10,000 Photos from the Apollo Moon Mission

Over the course of the Apollo missions, 12 astronauts walked on the moon and as well as co.