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miley cyrus we cant stop lyrics... SORRY, still love her and this song!!!

Song Challenge, Day LEAST FAVORITE SONG "We can't stop" by Miley Cyrus Used to like her, and this is a good song to party to- but the message isn't good.

she's broken... can't you see it

beautiful video (the one that shows just her face) made me like the adult miley

The time when you like someone, and they don't even notice you.

You wreck me celebrities celebrity song lyrics miley cyrus celeb pictures

On life goals:

16 Unexpected Quotes That Make Miley Cyrus The Voice Of Our Generation


Am I the only one who thinks Wrecking Ball was like really emotional.

Someone Else - Miley Cyrus

It’s hard to say whether Sinead O’Connor or Amanda Palmer is right about Miley Cyrus' control over her twerk media circus, but Palmer may be onto something,

Miley Cyrus quote

She is an amazing girl. I know she has done a LOT of things that people judge her on, but I have a very strong feeling she is much more than we have ever seen her.