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after hunting season ended on friday, all the deer gathered for their annual "ha-ha you missed me" festival

After deer hunting season ended-all the deer gathered for their annual ha-ha you missed me deer festival! So true. I see tons every year before deer season starts then they disappear until after deer season is over.

Chuck Frickin Norris

Chuck Norris first time at the beach. I can't wait to show this to my boys they will laugh so hard.


Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;

Field dressing a deer just took on a whole new meaning... #huntinghumor this is so me I would have no idea what I am doing but I am trying to learn lol

See, I told you I could field dress a deer! Bill started to suspect that Larry was not the experienced hunter he claimed to be.


how snowflakes are really made funny quotes quote winter snow lol funny quote funny quotes humor frosty

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Lookout Ice Hole

I've fallen in a ice hole. An ice hole. A big ice hole. You're trapped in this big hairy ice hole.