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Nekem is ilyen kutyám van , nagyon szeretem A neve :Spedi !! :) !!

I'm a Hound Dog! Basset Hound puppy howling, I'd totally name him Copper like from fox & the hound


Fun fact: Bassets melt in direct sunlight.

Best Basset Ever

That is one big Basset Hound!

House of Puddles is a nonprofit sanctuary and retirement home for elderly basset hounds. We provide a permanent, loving home for old basset hounds. #bassethounds #rescue #maryland https://www.facebook.com/houseofpuddles

House of Puddles accepts senior basset hounds from basset hound rescue organizations when there is no place else for them to go.

Mother and baby! First days

Mother and baby! First days Oh my.so precious!

Did somebody order a box of awwwwwww??  Baby bassets!!

Free Puppy Training Tips

How could you NOT love those big puppy eyes?

This Test Will Determine Whether You're a Real Dog Lover

How could you NOT love those big puppy eyes? Are you really a dog lover?

okay, so... NOT born to run. can still have a lot of fun in short bursts, though!

Basset Hounds Running! The_LD Basset Hounds Running! Basset Hounds Running!

free dog shirt: Photo

I would not be able to resist bringing him home to add to my 7 pack. That face is precious!

,WRINKLES I want but cannot have unless I get rid of the hubby

better than flowers, candle light dinners, or jewelry! A dog!


Had our Hound mix for 16 yrs. Basset Hound for almost 10 yrs. They have crossed over to Doggie Heaven. Now we get to love our son and dil's new darlin' Blood Hound, "Bishop". Hounds just seem to r (Bloodhound Beagle Mix)

Basset Toda la información y productos especializados para el la raza perro maltés

Funny shit and cute animals.

Basset Hound: Does anyone out there remember Flash the dog from Dukes of Hazard?

My dog everyday.

Temperament of Basset Hound. Click the pic to read

A bassett hound puppy :) "im a hound dog ahroo!

omg this is the cutest thing ever:) Hopefully someday our basset hound sadie…

JinkyArt Photography the fox and the hound. i want a cutie patootie kid for photo shoots with my hound dogs!

Can't decide which is more adorable...the smile or the big puppy paws???

Can't decide which is more adorable.the smile or the big puppy paws? Those are HUGE puppy paws!