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25 Cutest Animal Pictures

I'm a Hound Dog! Basset Hound puppy howling, I'd totally name him Copper like from fox & the hound

Look at all the hounds!

What are the animals thinking, feeling and what might they be saying?

“i'm up to my neck here! ❄️”

“i'm up to my neck here! ❄️” In Massachusetts last year it was up to my Bassets necks!


Had our Hound mix for 16 yrs. Basset Hound for almost 10 yrs. They have crossed over to Doggie Heaven. Now we get to love our son and dil's new darlin' Blood Hound, "Bishop". Hounds just seem to r (Bloodhound Beagle Mix)

The little legs! they're so fat! And the ears, in in love.

The little legs! they're so fat! And the ears, in love with Basset Hound puppies!

To much cuteness. Wish I could have Fred sooner!

Basset hound puppies are the definition of perfection. when I get my big dream house/farm house ima have a basset hound laying on my porch.

heart melting

adorable - my love of bassets is reaching an obsessive point. I want an entire heard of them.