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Yes I'm in possession of 'woman gadgets' and I'm not afraid to freakin' use 'em Check out the hilarious Aunty Acid from our lovely friends.

lol....aint got nothing good to say...you might want to keep your soup coolers shut... https://www.facebook.com/auntyacid/photos/a.200145623427742.40442.200144556761182/576041485838152/?type=1

Women with extra weight live longer

Aunty Acid

This is so true

Oh we wish we could turn back the clock some days!

Aunty Acid Has a Few Things to Say About Life - Brushing Your .

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Of all the utensils invented to eat rice, how did two chopsticks win?

My doctor told me to start killing people . . . | Maxine

My Doctor told me to start killing people. Well not in those exact words. He said I had to reduce stress in m life. SAME THING REALLY!

Your a better women than me...I hate doing dishes

Aunty Acid On Housework - Living Like a Duck

Aunty Acid on jogging

Aunty Acid On Fitness And Weight Loss Exercises

Let's see if we can make that 2 weeks...


I think i’m emotionally constipated

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.I have no words...

.I have no words...


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