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My Chemical Romance. Is it just me or do you also feel a bit wierd calling Mikey, Michael and ray, Raymond. Idk it feels unnatural to me.

Well they need to get back together  like tomorrow lol

actually 5 albums--conventional weapons the message remains the same, though. MCR lives on forever.

I still can't believe they photoshopped pants on Gerard.

I still can't believe they photoshopped pants on Gerard.<<<when u say pants I always think underwear and my brain just goes "why wasn't Gee in underwear" and then I realised that he's wearing underwear but not trousers 😂 I'm so British

oh my god <<< this bandom is coming close to Sherlock in point insanity...<<Dude we're already there.

I don't know what is wrong with this fandom <<< creativity+boredom.<<<and we try to fix the holes in our hearts w music and MCR memes

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My Chemical Romance ❤ Gerard Way❤ Mikey Way❤ Ray Toro❤ Frank Iero❤

He never ages and currently looks like a blonde sixteen year old

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way. Look at the school photo, so smooth. But he sill looks hot in them all

Welcome to the black parade :) when you get to the point when you have to write a song about how you didn't intend to become a lifesaving hero~~

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade<<< Gerard you are my hero!

Gerard and Mikey...my dream dads...why can't they adopt me? I'm an emo who loves unicorns and ice cream as well!!!

I love them so frickin much they are so amazing they have saved many lives (including mine) and they inspire me to stay alive, and they mean the world to me

My Chemical Romance // i'm really confused what is this

My Chemical Romance // i'm really confused what is this <<< an interview ? not sure if it actually happened though <<< it's actual dialogue they said from an interview with Tom Bryant, it's included in the My Chem biography. (By Tom Bryant.

Gee - Party Poison #killjoys

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way. More wanted alive rather than dead