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Harley-Davidson UL Flathead OHC with Koslow heads | via cheetah.cheetah-4ds.under.jp

RARE and Beautiful example of a Koslow OHV Engine used in Racing Motorcycles sometimes replacing the stock Harley VL motor

BMW Brings Six Cylinders to Two Wheels | Autopia | Wired.com

BMW Brings Six Cylinders to Two Wheels

After putting a couple hundred miles on both the BMW and BMW on Tuesday, I’m afraid I can’t report that they’re all-day comfortable.

V4 Two Stroke - 200HP - 129kg - 330km/h   - Price ex works SRT (Switzerland) 156'000 CHF excl. VAT   - 30% downpayment by order confirmati...

Two Stroke - - - - Price ex works SRT (Switzerland) CHF excl. VAT - downpayment by order confirmati.