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That's me around my popular friends, now around my not as popular friends, it's all of us.

Perfect description of my group of friends, and it most definitely is me. /One Direction / Panic! At The Disco/ Marianas Trench


I'm not okay! I'm not okaaaa-AAAA-aaay! I'm not okaaaa-aaa-aaaaay! You wear me oooouuuut!

No they meant Mikey Way

Did you mean: Andy Biersack<<< Did you mean: Kellin Quinn<<< Did you mean: Vic Fuentes<<<ozzy osbourne

Too many to count. Like some stranger will be talking and I have to fight the urge to burst into song

i actually do this on acident. like the other day a kid in my class said "hail mary" and i started singing. pierce the veil is *infinity sign* times better then them./// me with Hamilton songs

Right in the feels

Fall Out Boy has been my Metallica since I fist heard "Dance, Dance"

I need to pin this because the 2 amazing people in this pin if you don't know who Patrick Stump is get out (jk don't get out please)

Patrick stump and amazingphil>> well Patrick you are always polite without even trying sooooooo

I thought it was funny.

PART 56 (how many fandom related things can i share before you hate me)


Found on

Imagine having a boyfriend.<<<imagine going to concerts. (sorry if i spelled that wrong haha)<<Imagine

I'm listening to My songs know what you did in the dark while reading this

Be careful making wishes in the *aggressively slams head onto table twice* DARK DARK

Isn't that the normal measurement for time?

Isn't that the normal measurement for time? I mean, it took ME two Blank Spaces to get dressed. << I take a two Welcome To The Black Parades long shower