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That'll be me one day...I hope. =)

If my grandma played world of warkraft, she would be the coolest person since Chuck Norris

Sometimes stories spring or pop from art, but this one simply walks from its picture.

I named her as Arabella. Girl - [link] by Background - [link] by Boat - [link] by birds - by Arabella

Anna Schuleit’s Installation Of 28,000 Flowers Inside A Mental Health Center

Anna Schuleit's Installation Of 28,000 Flowers Inside A Mental Health Center

Bloom: Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center by artist Anna Schuleit :: this is a beautiful & thought provoking art installation, stimulating the best kind of self-reflection & growth.

Yuri Karo - fireflies photographs

Super-Long Firefly Exposures Tsuneaki Hiramatsu from Okayama City, Japan, uses long-exposure and multiple exposure photography to capture these stunning pictures of fireflies at night.

The beautiful text is inspired by the laconic idea that the people we truly love are actually never too far away from us, and since we keep them inside of us they’ll never die. Inside of us live a lot of souls. A smell, an image, a taste can suddenly take us away to someone in the past or maybe to a memory. Perhaps to our old lovers and maybe to the new ones. The people that we left behind are with us indeed. All summer long it will remind us that we never really lose the ones we have loved…

st. barth's: art, text and fire poems

Rob Montgomery - The People Yo Love Become Ghosts Inside of You and That’s How You Keep Them Alive

I'm geeky and I know it...    ...Giggle, Giggle, Giggle, YA!

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