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Bibi the Abyssinian from ilove.cat

General Manager of the ‘Kaikai Kiki’ Painting Studio Shisho × Bibi

110914_ILC 2774

Novelist Mitsuyo Kakuta × Toto


Martijn Savenije - Cats in Bars series

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The Cult Cat on

Cat joke

There is no snooze button on a cat that wants breakfast. Have you ever been pawed, clawed, and batted by your cat in the morning? How about being bitten by the kitty?

And Stretch !! #kittens #cats

And Stretch !! - 30th December 2015

ready belly rub

Maine Coon Kitten - 3rd February 2016

Bondo, from ilove.cat

Designer Takahiro Kuraishi

they just don't care....

How to Be a Responsible Cat Owner

Idk, people who post like this, what's wrong with their cats. My cats care.