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Stairway to Heaven

Green spiral heart!

Man has built so many cool things, and spiral staircases has to be one of them. I enjoy getting all the way up just to look down and enjoy the way the spiral goes on. Here are some amazing photographs that captured that exactly moment, enjoy!

The Quequén Lighthouse, Quequén, Argentina spiral staircase escalera de caracol

The Quequén Lighthouse, Quequén, Argentina spiral staircase escalera

Spiral Stair I | von janet little                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Spiral Stair I // kind of reminds me of piano keys, if they had put the black strips in groups of 2 and 3 with spaces between!

Ancient Stairs

Beautiful geometric pattern in the steps of Centro de Las Artes San Agustin, Oaxaca, Mexico


Yellow spiral stairs - ©Philippe Brunel - The basic elements of the stair have been arranged to realize a stunning optical stairwell.

Double staircase--Zaha Hadid (I believe)  Gaillard Group (843) 879-9737

Curved Steps, Jantar Mantar - India by Eva

Angie McMonigal Photography  An ear? Acoustics? I wonder where this is, and if the shape is relevant, or if it is just Fibonacci-esque.

Angie McMonigal Photography staircase location Art Institute of Chicago

The most amazing ribbon of green on a spiral staircase - a daring look to try at home!

spiral staircase, green undersideLove this green- so modern and such a statement color

 This Ivy House

blue spiral staircase by Eric Dufour