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disney-fairies-tryllestav?id=623278&vid=431972 | Leker fra TOYS"R"US

disney-fairies-tryllestav?id=623278&vid=431972 | Leker fra TOYS"R"US

Tooth Fairy Letter and other no BS tips.

Tooth Fairy Letter, love it! Hoping a letter like this in front of my daughters fairy door will help keep her room clean.

Liz's Paper Loft: Trick or Treat Shadow Box!

I don't do Halloween, but this is a super cute Cricut idea. Liz's Paper Loft: Trick or Treat Shadow Box!

5 bamboo poles, string, cable ties, runner beans

What a cute and clever idea! Clear around the planting area, for productive growth of the beans. Greate hideaway for kids in the yard, leave the grass in the center.c- I might do this even if i hate beans!

Handbook of Nature Study: Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival - March 2014

Our family's online nature journal using Anna Comstock's book Handbook of Nature Study as our textbook and the great outdoors as our classroom. Home of the Outdoor Hour Challenges and Nature Study for Homeschoolers.

How to grow Raspberries and Blackberries   when to prune/transplant/fertilize! e.g.: "Raspberries use a lot of water,   especially when bearing. About 1 1/2 inch of water per week and more during hot   weather. Watering is most critical from the time the fruit begin to show color   until picking has been completed."

How to grow Raspberries and Blackberries when to prune/transplant/fertilize very thorough! I have a whole backyard FILLED w/Black Raspberries.

DIY Homemade Find It game! Just place little objects in a jar filled with rice and glue shut. Great quiet game to play on long trips!

I-spy Bottle: Another pinner said: I saw a little girl playing with one of these in a restaurant for a long, long time! Her gramma brings it with her when she visits and changes it up everytime!

infant daycare checklist

The Essential Daycare Checklist and other cool tips & tricks for moms - The Labeled Life

fireflies classroom decor - Google Search

Interactive kindergarten bulletin board for my insect unit. Lids detach so children can play while learning how to count! Side note: Fireflies are made out of Band-aids.