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Truth of Resistance by Steve Anderson

Truth of Resistance by Steve Anderson lithograph print featuring Mal & Inara

Ain't we just?!

boogleloo: Malvin and Cobbes by Karen Hallion Illustrations. been a calvin & hobbs fan since i was a kid… so when i saw this homage to Firefly and Serenity (which i LOVE too) i had to share! “they aim to misbehave!


Firefly - Amazing show from Avengers and Buffy Director, Joss Whedon. It deserved a longer run than just one season.

"Well said. Wasn't that well said Zoe?" "Had a kind of poetry to it, Sir."

Point of interest: offering to shoot us might not work so well as an incentive as you might imagine. - Malcolm Reynolds, Out of Gas

Fan Art Friday: Firefly / Serenity by techgnotic on DeviantArt

sketch card collection for Wayne of the 9 crew members from 'Firefly' Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds Firefly Crew: Mal