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"Back to simplicity" by Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic - ''Confession'' eu conversando com meus amigo

Marina Abramovic with an eagle. http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/16842/1/the-da-zed-guide-to-marina-abramovic

The dA-Zed guide to Marina Abramović

Celebrated performance artist Marina Abramovic has willingly endured objectification, injury, and abuse, all in the name of art. With her new HBO documentary, The Artist is Present

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic ‘THE KITCHEN I.’ Courtesy of La Fabrica Gallery Marina Abramovic’s “The Kitchen, Homage To Saint Therese” consists mainly of portraits, some of which reference Caravaggio and Zurbarán paintings, shot by Italian photographer Marco Anelli.


Marina Abramovic is one of the most influential contemporary artists who is well known for her not traditional approach.

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Marina Abramović, The House with the Ocean View. Performed in 2002 for 12 days at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. Three-channel video with props (color, sound).

Marina Abramović | The Current, triptych | 2015 | Photography - Still-Life | This piece that I have chosen shows the fluidity of human movement and the structure of the human face.

The Current, triptych.Known to avoid traditional, object-based art materials (such as paint and canvas), and to cut down the distance between the artist and the audience by making her own body the medium

i became mesmerized by marina abramovic's piece (i guess that's what you call it?) where she sat in a chair all day (every day for 2 months or something) and stared at whoever sat across from her. performance art is a strange and interesting world.

Marina Abramović - has pioneered the use of performance as a visual art form. The body has been both her subject and medium.

Marina Abramovic, Happy Christmas, silver gelatin print, 137 x 137 cm, 2008 © Marina Abramovic

Joyeux Noël?

Good write-up, through an unexpectedly ‘New Right’ article, from the 2016 debacle about Marina Abramovic, but read the dumb comment below in the article: “The Occult World of Marina Abramović” who …

No dia 30 de março de 1988 o casal de artistas performáticos se separou, mas não foi simples assim. Aliás, nenhum fim é simples. Foi um término que resultou no que seria o último trabalho deles, chamado The Lovers – The Great Wall Walk, e aconteceu na Muralha da China! Partindo de sentidos opostos, eles caminharam até o meio e quando se encontraram, meses depois, romperam de vez.

o minuto mais intenso na vida de marina abramovic

Acconci, Seedbed

Vito Acconci, Seedbed, 1972 performance, Sonnabend Gallery, New York

Marina Abramović | Rhythm 4 (1974)

Available for sale from Lisson Gallery, Marina Abramović, Rhythm 4 2 Photographic prints and text, 250 × cm