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The world's first swiss army knife! This is a Roman army pen knife from 200AD

The Roman Army Knife: Or how the ingenuity of the Swiss was beaten by 1,800 years

Excavated from the Mediterranean area about twenty years back, this is an intricately designed Roman implement, which dating back to could well be hailed as the first Swiss Army Knife in the world.


the Marian Reforms of the Roman Republican Army In the early days of the Roman Republic the Roman Army was essentially a citizen militia force called up during times of.

Awesome #Archaeology: silver and iron #Roman Swiss-Army knife, c. AD 200-300 Fitzwilliam Museum Embedded image permalink

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Awesome Archaeology: silver and iron Roman "Swiss Army knife", c.

Roman Folding Knife, a Swiss Army Knife set if you will. Completely made in silver, except for the blade of course. There are at least 3 different known finds which follow the same concept and style but differ slightly each. The original of this one is at the Fitzwilliam Museum in the UK. Probably 3rd cent AD. On the prototype the left, which I did in brass, you can see the locking mechanism for the spoon/fork combination.

Roman Folding Knife, a Swiss Army Knife set if you will. Completely made in…

ANCIENT EGYPTIAN FURNISHINGS:  typical furniture items  __most chairs/stools tended to be lower than today's standards and some were intended for someone to sit "indian style" rather than the way we sit in chairs today (typically). Beds were also low to the ground--like a platform bed. Furniture was simple and embellished according to social status/money.

Egyptian Furniture

Some of examples of what furniture would look like in early Egyptian culture. The folding chair in this picture would be a status symbol. It was used by generals in the army.

The Roman Swiss Army Knife

Most people will be familiar with the Swiss Army Knife.