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Twilight Sparkle: Soul Reaver

Twilight Sparkle: Soul Reaver

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Twilight is the first, of course I hope you guys like it If you do not like it, do not comment ______________________________________ Twilight [Here] Ap. Mane Six Got Swag: Twilight Sparkle


It was a birth defect I was always to have big wings it happened to 90 percent of fillies with a alicorn mom and pegasus dad that was hard for me :(

MLP old version by Reillyington86 on deviantART

MLP old version by on deviantART <- Hard to believe we came here from when that book opened 3 years ago.

Insult levels by Heir-of-Rick.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I've been insulted at soul-crushing level it hurts. A lot never joke about the last three levels

I imagine Belli was quite closed off (well, more so) before Star came along. Being the only one that's different can be tough, even if everyone likes you the way you are

This is cute even though I don't ship Flutter and Discord or Rarity and Spike. TBH I'm only pinning for character design and art style.--> I think this is a good post because it shows the difference between them but they accept that and love it

Motherly Instincts by RoyalRainbow51 on DeviantArt

I expected Applejack handing the foal/colt to Fluttershy actually :)<< you gotta remember that AJ has got a little sister that she raised.

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Trendy w kategorii Humor w tym tygodniu - Poczta o2

Equestria Daily - MLP Stuff!: Let's Review: MLP Deviations

Equestria Daily - MLP Stuff!: Let's Review: MLP Deviations

Chrysalis Simulator by doubleWbrothers.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Chrysalis Simulator by doubleWbrothers on deviantART