That one time Tom apologized for leaving the country. He's just SOOOO Damn adorable!

Haha but Tom Holland is a better Spider-Man sorry not sorry but you know this Tom is just as fine for me too

In order of hoping who gets to me first: Captain America Iron Man Spider-Man Batman Tom Hiddleston ;) And eh to the others<<<< Excuse you? Loki is first on my list. Tom Hiddleston is everything .

Tom Hiddleston photographed by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine. Full size image (UHQ): http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/6e14d388gw1f96r6g4sbmj24oz32nb2e.jpg Source: Torrilla

I will speed or drive under the influence on purpose just so HE can lock me up. imma keep quiet now, yep, bad girl, go sit in the corner

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