Saving the earth one turtle at a time.

Saving the earth one turtle at a time. You see the difference a turtle does not. Plastic bags vs jelly fish in the ocean.

Save the earth. But not just for me for all the future children! I don't know about other people but I want my kids to see a beautiful clean world not a sad polluted one!

i don't want to have my children and grandkids see a polluted earth instead of a beautiful green amazing earth, so please do your share to keep it clean

Each of us, individually, CAN do something.

Idea: Lets get few others to do this simple thing - which will save lots of trees. If one person recycles all their wasted paper in 1 year, 7 trees are saved.

Omg, that's  so sad. We gotta pull together  and  start  caring

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April 22 - Celebrate and Make Earth Day Everyday [Infographic]

we are the only one who can save our mother earth, so we must think before we act and we must start to act now before its too late. tips to help save our mother earth-infographics

Costs of Climate Change & Extreme Weather Are Passing the High-Water Mark  TIME:

The Costs of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Are Passing the High-Water Mark

great poster from The Ocean Conservancy

Reduce your use of plastic, detergents, artificial chemicals and all that other crap you don't need & keep our oceans clean!

End #overfishing

Overfishing is depleting our oceans of sea life around the world. The Environmental Defense Fund is working to stop that. Go vegan to save animals

Before and after photos of the Alberta Tar Sands

Tar Sands Art: Dramatic before and after images of Tar Sands oil site in Alberta, Canada. Photos by Garth Lenz.