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My first dog was a Westie. Got her when I was five. She was supposed to have puppies with the male Westie next store. But, George was old, and wasn't interested in Georgia (my dog). Alas, no star-crossed lovers.

I'm obsessed with my westie puppy Lucy and she has her own blog/webpage

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Today is Belinda's birthday, ladies of "It's the most wonderful time of the year."  Please feel free to pin Happy Birthday wishes amongst your regular pinning ♥

Portrait Of Puppy by Paul L. Harwood - Portrait Of Puppy Photograph - Portrait Of Puppy Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

I will always have a soft spot for a Westie! They' re the best things ever ♥

West Highland White Terriers commonly known as Westie. Discover about white west highland terrier temperament information and personality including picture.

I can fly! ;)

Looks more like an attacking Westie! Flying Westie - how can you not smile at this?

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West Highland White Terrier - Wee Dog with a lot of self-belief!

the westie side glance

they can be sweet! westies: My parents raised this wonderful dogs when I was little. I can't help but remember my childhood when I see one of these cute terriers!

This beautiful baby looks just like Piper did when she was a pup <3

Reminding me of snowy (my recently deceased puppy dog as well as that dog from tin tin) - IH ⚜️

Just cute!

Westie - O West Highland White Terrier compartilha raízes com outros terriers…