August Sander

August Sander ‘Painter’s Wife [Helene Abelen]’, printed 1994 © Die…

August Sander Courtyard Musicians,1928

August Sander: Courtyard Musicians, 1928 “ Exhibiting a staged formality, an accordionist and a fiddler “perform” in a courtyard while a young woman listens from a second-floor window. Sander’s.

Farmer from Westfalen (Westfälischer Bauer).; August Sander, about 1920 - 1925

Farmer from Westfalen (Westfälischer Bauer). August Sander, about 1920 - 1925

the acknowledgement of having suffered evil is the greatest step forward in mental health ― stefan molyneux | foto: august sander

Brothers 1920, printed 1990 by August Sander 1876-1964