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Pour notre 6ème numéro des inspirations mobiles, pas de thème spécifique pour cette semaine, mais un petit medley d'interfaces, de design et d'icons autour de projets de qualité que nous avons sélectionn&e

Inspiration Mobile #6 : Ergonomies et design

JozefMetelka.com on Web Design Served

Redefining the “wow” Factor. Our brief was simple: we were to build a website for adrenaline junkie Jozef Metelka, the world championship winning professional cyclist who turned pro after an accident led to the amputation of his leg.


I'm a failed skateboarder, so I am automatically drawn to anything with a skateboard on the page. Moreover, I think the bright color scheme is awesome, and the photograph with the kid on the road is awesome. Really dig this web design.

textra website on Behance

textra website on Behance - nice site design, different from all the other "striped' site designs out there right now. Unique in a sea of "sameness" lately.