English-country Living-rooms from Barry Dixon on HGTV - living room wall colors?

The siting room nestled in a niche outside the kitchen is a quiet spot for a cup of coffee. Old world decor and rustic accents give the room a cozy, lived-in feel.

Cosy corner

I love the woven cane desk chair. ~ Charlotte Moss for Fabricut - Violet in Ivy.

Photos taken in 1975 of Ferris Megarity's Manhattan apartment.  Megarity (died in 1984) was publicity director and one-time home furnishings division director for B. Altman. Architectural Digest, March/April 1975

Dream space: Ferris Megarity's Manhattan apartment in Architectural Digest 1975 ❤️❤️

Charlotte Moss: A Flair for Living

~Charlotte Moss - A Flair For Living. Charlotte Moss invites us on a lavish tour of every component of a home. Moss shares her ideas on living graciously, entertaining with exuberance, and bringing couture detail into the home.

The dining room glimmers with light reflected in a mirrored screen propped in the corner of the room. The eighteenth century Portuguese side table, decorative bust and faux paint lend a Mediterranean vibe to the space.

Simple Hot Chocolate, Three Ways

Amazing Artistic Faux Painting: Amazing Artistic Faux Painting With Marble Dining Table And Chair And Classic Pendant Lamp Design

Image from http://robinwhiteinteriors.com/images/projects/Sonoma/1-sonoma-living-room-all.jpg.

Image from http://robinwhiteinteriors.com/images/projects/Sonoma/1-sonoma-living-room-all.jpg.

If you don’t have room for side tables, consider placing a table behind your couch. You can display more of your favorite belongings as well as much-needed lighting without interrupting traffic flow. Design by Barry Dixon

Design Behind the Living Room Sofa

Sunshine fills this two-story living room overlooking the ocean, and is echoed in the room's cheery decor with its lemon yellow sofa and curtains, and orange armchair and settee.